Saturday, August 08, 2015

Kitchen Garden. 8.8.15

Bean Bed, 2 Weeks after Sowing.  8.8.15
 It looks like about 1/2 of the beans germinated.  If they reach maturity before frost, that's plenty.  The big thing I want from the Chinese pole beans is enough seeds for next year.  With 15 plants, if there are only 2 beans each, 4 seeds per bean, I'll have 120 seeds.  If those germinate, it's more than enough.  The big question is time.

There are about 15 Romas growing.  I filled in with soaked bean seeds, in between.  Regardless, if they bear, they are enough for one or 2 meals, for the 2 of us.  Zero cost, since the seeds were old packets.

I'm letting the 1st bean patch go to seed.   There is nothing to that other than watering the plants so they don't dry out and die too soon.

From the Kitchen Garden.  8.8.15

Elusive Pullets.  8.8.15
 Lots of squash, zucchinis and summer squash.  I'm less enthusiastic about the zucchinis than the other summer squash.  They grow too big, too fast.  The historic  varieties are less like something steroid-induced.

The new pullets have been here a month.  They are starting to look like hens now.  I forget the age.  They hang around together.  Rooster is very protective.  Won't let me near the pullets.  When I feed them, he calls them to the food, then stands back while they eat.  Which is his role.  If they make baby chickens, they will be some kind of off-breed, which is fine.
Elusive Pullet.  8.8.15

Protective Rooster.  8.8.15


  1. Oh OH Oh what have we here, all sorts of toms. This is time to reap your harvest. I've seen a few zuks and happy to get what I get. I planted them late and at different times so I don't get them all at once. The ronde de nice is just starting and those seedlings I gave to friends at the community garden is really going gang busters. I got a few romas in a pot and raised beds, if I plant them in the flat ground I won't get any. Congrats on the summer harvest, those are looking really good! Bard rock is handsome.

  2. Lance, thanks. This time of year, we have garden vegetables contributing to almost every meal. It makes food prep and eating so much more enjoyable! And healthy, and better tasting, and economical, almost-free.