Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Growing Daylilies from Proliferations. 8.11.15

Daylily Proliferation.  8.11.15
 The daylily labeled as Frans Hals - but not the same as illustrations of that variety - grew small plants on the blooming stem.  These are called proliferations.  Proliferations are like keikeis on orchids.

I waited until the stem started to turn brown, then cut it leaving about 2 inches below the lowest baby plant.  A smaller one was above the water level.

In one week, the proliferation started to grow a root.  I trimmed the stem shorter, also cut off the upper, nonrooted, smaller, proliferation.  Then planted both in fresh moist potting soil.

They will stay in the same window.  East/Northeast exposure.   We will see if they  grow.
Daylily Proliferations.  8.11.15

Daylily Proliferations.  8.11.15
I'm not that excited to grow this particular daylily, but it's the only one that made a proliferation.  Free plants are free plants.

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