Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Summer Seed Sowing and Plant Starting Progress Report. 8.4.15

Stella De Oro Daylilies One Month After Dividing.   8.4.15
Bean Patch at One Week.  8.4.15

Sprouting Beans at One Week.  8.4.15
 These are the results of some of the summer seed planting and plant starting projects.  We have had multiple days near and above 100F during the past few weeks, and some days in 70s to 80s.   Nights are down into 60s and 80s.   The high temps may be too high for some seed germination.  Also, many of my seeds are old, up to 5 years old.

Nasturtiums - no growth at 1 week, but crabgrass sprouted like crazy in that container.  I covered with a few inches of fresh potting soil and sowed spinach seeds.

Swiss Chard - about 6 plants germinated out of about 30 seeds.  These seeds are a 3 years old.  I planted more seeds today.

Cilantro.  I planted seeds today in a medium container.

Roma bush beans.  So far about 10% germination.  Just barely germinated, so there may be more soon.  I also started some seeds soaking today, then will plant or use paper towel method to get them started, in case those in garden bed don't grow.

Chinese Market Pole Beans.  I don't know the variety.   These are from Chinese market, a wide and long bean favored in Changchun.   I know I had the packets before my cancer surgery, so at least 3 years old.  Maybe more.   Planted 1 week ago.  Germination is about 10%, which I think is pretty good.  Also started more soaking in the packet as a backup.  These are the last of some of the packets, and they are old.  My main goal is to get some for seeds if they grow fast enough.

Buckwheat at One Week.  8.4.15
 The timing on the beans may be close.  If they grow fast during the hot weather, there should be time to get some batches of ripe beans.  I don't know if there will be time to get bean seeds.

Buckwheat, growing vigorously at one week.

Celeste Fig Cuttings.  I found the cuttings in a zipper bag at the back of the refrigerator, about June 24th.  Planted in containers after incision / dip-and-grow treatment as I have done before.  I've been keeping them out of direct sun and trying to water every day.  There is bark mulch on top of the potting soil.  They are at the stage were, if there are roots, they will start to grow vigorously; if there are no roots, they sometimes wilt and die at this stage.  Keeping them watered and gave some dilute Miracle Gro today.

Celeste Figs at 6 Weeks.  8.3.15
Stella De Oro Daylily.   I divided this clump approximately in half, using shovel, one month ago.  They established and are blooming.  They did get some organic nitrogen once or twice in the past month.

These are Ipad photos.  My little camera does an even worse job in the bright sun.


  1. You have to find the right variety of beans to get perfect yield. Just the different micro climates here in the city my community plot is getting the best crop of romano beans while here at home maybe the french string beans is doing just OK. The romano needs a little cooler to yeild better. Timing is the key also, I try to time it right every yr. Let me know how your beans grow. I have never try germination this late.

  2. I bet you are right about that. Romas are our favorite for taste and they do well here too. I need to work on the Chinese pole beans. If I can select the ones that do best here, I should be able to create my own variety that responds to this climate. The seed-saving books state let the first ones / best producing ones go to seed rather than eating them, so you always collect the earliest producers and best ones, and they adapt to your climate in a few years.

    In my case, I may have unintended selected for the longest lasting beans in storage, just by having packets in the basement for several years. Ones that don't last in storage are dead. The ones that do last, are the ones that grew. Not the intended plan, but that is useful too.