Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kitchen Garden. 8.23.15

Late beans.  8.23.15

Onion Wells.  8.23.15
Beans growing ok.

Added well aged chicken compost to barrels, and more of the EWO scallion starts into those.

Tomatos, getting an excellent crop this year.  More than we can eat.  Time for some more salsa.
Tomato Cage.  8.23.15


  1. You have a caged tomato? I guess the deer will eat it too. Mine is coming but too slow. I wish I've planted more. I got so much peppers and beans don't know what to do with then give them away. Peaches have a net on it but half was eaten by rat. The net was chew through. The rat have develop a taste for zuk too. Luckily, I've already tire of them already.

  2. Lance, great looking harvest!

    Have you tried drying the peppers? Or using them to make salsa or pepper jelly?

    I don't know what to do about the rat! It needs to go somewhere else.

    The deer do eat the tomatoes. The plants and the fruits. Maybe another animal too. Even so this year was a bumper crop. I like that a lot.