Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bee Forage. 8.23.15

Buckwheat in bloom.  8.23.5

Honebee on buckwheat flower.  8.23.15
 Buckwheat is in full bloom.  I planted the buckwheat seeds 7.21.15 to 7.23.15.  They started blooming, barely, one week ago.  So it takes about 3 weeks to begin blooming, and 4 weeks to be in full bloom.

Yesterday I did not see bees foraging the buckwheat.  Today they are foraging in force.

I replanted some bare patches where I must not have spread the seeds evenly, today.  I also planted buckwheat seed among the cornstalks, where I harvested that last of the sweetcorn today.

Other bee forage:

Very active on Chinese Chive, compact version.
Autumn Joy - type Sedum starting to bloom and activity is growing.
Active on  the remaining borage and oregano.
Honeybee on Buckwheat Flower.  8.23.15
Honeybees on Sedum flowers.  8.23.15

Honeybees Foraging Sedum Flowers.  8.23.15

Cluster of Autum Joy - Type Sedum, Starting to Bloom.  8.23.15
The sedum flowers are just beginning to open.  Sedum is a bee favorite - they will be foraging with many bees per flower cluster, until the plant is finished blooming.

I'm impressed with how long the oregano blooms and is foraged.  It looks almost done, but the bees appear to seek out every last flower.  When they are done, I want to save seeds for starting a much larger patch next year.
Honeybee on Oregano.  8.23.15


  1. I do have issues with sedums. First when I planted them I swear they were dark maroon red color then within 2 yrs they looked pink like yours. If I'm not mistaken there were some lighter shades of red autumn joys but they seem to be not true to the same ones that I planned from yrs back. Is your always the same color? Nature is a mystery. I don't know what to make of it.

  2. I think some of mine were bought as the darker red type, but they are all pink now. I have a few that are a bit different. Variegated one became all-green leaves, too. The purple leaf ones are staying purple leaf. They are more leggy and fall over. I should be more diligent and pinch them back, mid summer, to be more bushy.