Sunday, August 09, 2015

Summer Planting. Egyptian Walking Onion Recovery. 8.9.15

Egyptian Walking Onion, Recovery.  8.9.15
 I've been watching the Egyptian Walking Onion plants that I recovered, closely.  Today was the first evidence of growth.  So, at least a few will be recovered.  It doesn't take many.  After raising them 15 years, I didn't want to lose them.  I pulled one out 2 days ago to see if it was growing roots.  It was.

Some of the other summer plantings are coming up.  I had given up on the nasturtiums, and planted spinach seeds.  Now a few came up, so it will be a mixed barrel.  Only 5 swiss chard seeds came up.  It doesn't take much. 

First Nasturtium Seedlings.  8.9.15

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