Saturday, August 08, 2015

Daylily Progress Report. 8.8.15

Seed Pods on Chicago Apache.  8.8.15
 Daylily Progress Report.

None of the seeds pods has yellowed yet.  Many have big fat pods.  They are a little less green.  Maybe we are getting loser.

Chicago Apache, Luxury Lace, Fooled Me, Pardon Me are continuing to produce at least a few final flowers.  Nice this time of summer.

The variety labeled as "Daring Deception" from Lowes, has nice seed pods.  It needs some sort of label, without claiming it is either Daring Deception or something else official.   For the moment, NOID Lavender is adequate.  I still don't know if this one is diploid or tetraploid, since I pollinated with both types.  Mostly diploid.   And they are open pollinated, although most that were not hand pollinated on other plants did not take.

NOID Brick Red from Home Depot has one flower bud.  That was pollenized from a tetraploid, so probably is tetraploid.

Seed Buds on NOID Lavender Daylily.  8.8.15
 Of the newest daylilies, planted bare root this summer -

All are alive and growing.

The most vigorous are Strawberry Candy and Winsome Lady.

More delicate growth on Siloam Virginia Hansen and Carefree Peach, but they look OK.

Happy Returns - a few flowers but not much.  I feel certain that the mislabeled plants were Happy Returns as well - same size, same flower color, same petal texture.  Too bad they were labeled wrong, so I can't be sure.
Early Growth on Carefree Peach.   8.8.15

Early Growth on Strawberry Candy.  8.8.15
 So this has been the year of daylily enthusiasm.   Also, seed saving and hybridizing, including daylilies.  Who knows what the progeny will look like -

Chicago Apache X Fooled Me.
Fooled Me X Chicago Apache.
Happy Returns X Pardon Me
Pardon Me or Happy Returns or Ice Carnival or Luxury Lace X NOID Lavender.
Chicago Apache or Fooled Me X NOID Home Depot Brick Red

and other combinations.
Early Growth on Winsome Lady.  8.8.15

Early Growth on Siloam Virginia Hansen. 8.8.15

Stella De Oro Blooming, About One Month After Dividing.  8.8.15

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