Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Grapes are ripe. 8.4.15

Table Grapes, Venus, Price, Interlaken.  8.4.15
These are Venus and Price (both blue), and Interlaken (green).  I don't know which I like better, Price or Interlaken.  Venus is not bad either.

This is a pretty good year for these.  Racoons have been getting into them every night, which wakes up the dogs, which wakes me up.  Not crazy about that.

Good eating.  The grapes at the Battleground place are not ready for bearing yet.


  1. Good looking grapes. What do you do with them? My 3 year old Concords are producing big clusters. White grapes--variety unknown--were on the property when I moved here, 38 years ago. Who knows how old the arbor is!

  2. Thanks. My plan is to make jelly but I have to learn how and time is limited now. Maybe next year. We mostly eat them fresh, give some away, and use the dehydrator to make raisins. I could try making some freezer jam - that should not be too hard.

  3. almost that time of the yr to make jam, only a small window and when you are not focus you'll miss the chance to make jam.

  4. Lance, you are right about that!