Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orchid Report

During all of the destruction, construction, work and chaos, I've tried to keep the orchids properly placed, watered and fed. There may be a few casualties, but I think most have come through it. One concern was the fumes from floor finishing - it may be a while before the effects show up, but there does not appear to be any immediate death due to that exposure.

A new addition, Brassada Orange Delight "Hilo Sunrise". It was in spike and is now blooming. Bright and cheerful, compact size. If it stays small, and grows new, blooming pseudobulbs next year, that will be great.

Yamamoto Dendrobium Spring Dream "Apollon". These are the first blossoms on growth in my hands. It's interesting that so many of the Yamamoto Dendrobiums bloom in summer and again in winter.

Another view of Spring Dream "Apollon". The central eye is greener than shows up on the digital photo.  It has a single keiki, which is cool. If there were a lot of keikis, it would be a sign over too much nitrogen, but this one is on old non-blooming growth, and is a single keiki.  I will let it grow in place for a while.  There is also a new growth from the base.  Once the plant is done blooming, I will change back to a higher nitrogen orchid food to encourage the new growth to develop.

Yamamoto Dendrobium Yellow Song "Canary".

Friday, September 09, 2011

Kitchen 99% done.

There are still some odds and ends. I always withhold judgement, or try to, until the lady with the cow-horn helmet sings. But I gotta say, this is a big change for the better. Doesn't quite feel like home, but I'm told that will pass.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Another small step in the kitchen

So close. Maybe another week. The first thing I'll make is a vegetable pie, with tomatoes and peppers from the garden. And a stir fry with beans that are wanting to be cooked now. It's hard to do that with no stove.