Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sweet Corn Comparison, Ear to Ear. 8.16.15

Sweetcorn.  8.16.15
Until this year, I never attempted to grow sweetcorn here.  This year I planted two varieties.

Today was a good comparison of the two varieties. 

The Trinity plants were much taller, more than 6 foot.  The Early Sunglow plants were only about 3 or 4 foot tall.

Trinity made a much, much larger ear.  With larger kernels.

Flavor-wise, I think the Early Sunglow has a slightly richer, sweet-corn flavor, and the Trinity is sweeter.

They were grown on opposite sides of the yard.  There might have been a soil difference.  I planted the Early Sunglow about 2 weeks earlier than the Trinity.  The Trinity is just beginning to bear.  Early Sunglow is done.  Only a few ears developed on the Early Sunglow plants.  Each and every Trinity plant has an ear.  Some have two.

If I didn't have them here to taste side by side, I would think the Trinity is as good as the Early Sunglow.  Given the big difference in yield, Trinity looks like the more preferred variety by far.   The flavor difference is too subtle to matter.

This difference might just be in my yard, or might be that the soil was not good in the location for Early Sunglow.  It might be worth a try in a different spot next year.


  1. It's always fun to experiment. I worry about cross pollination from my surrounding corn fields. I see you've written 5 garden blogs in one day!

  2. Yes. I read field corn will result in the sweet corn having the appearance, taste, and texture of the field corn. That's if they tassel at the same time. If the field corn is earlier or later than the sweet corn, then it's not a problem.

    There are some very early sweet corn varieties. That might be a way to get around it.