Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kitchen Garden Harvests. 8.30.15

Asian Pears.  8.30.15

Tomotoes and Peppers.  8.30.15
 Today I picked the first of the Asian pears.  The European pears were all bad, complete bust.  I can never figure out when to harvest them.  Asian pears are much easier.  These are Hosui, Shinseiki, and an unknown.

More veggies from the garden.

Some Daylilies.  These must be the last.  Stella de Oro is a champion bloomer.
Daylilies.  8.30.15


  1. My Bartlett didn't fruit well this yr. Fire blight hit it and it only makes 3 pears. 1 normal size fruit and the rest was too small. Comice didn't even make 1 fruit. The drought have weaken the tree and most fruit tree didn't look good despite me watering them. Apple tree flowering still, Honey Crisp is dormant while Fuji did made a few big apples. I do envy your Asian pears which look so juicy.

  2. I hope El Nino helps you with the drought. Maybe time to set up water barrels and store the rain :-) I can't figure out European pears. I either pick them too early, when they are too hard and sour, or too late, when they are rotten inside. Letting a firm one ripen inside works sometimes.
    My apples won't amount to much this year, but there are some on the trees I am looking forward to trying.