Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saving seeds. Cilantro. 8.18.15

Cilantro Seeds Ready To Collect.  8.18.15
 I left a bunch of cilantro to go to seed.  It's brown and dry, so ready to collect seeds.

I may use some for spice.  Cilantro seeds are the same as coriander.

Saving seeds is very easy.  I used scissors to cut seed bunches, placed them in a bowl.  Then worked them for a couple of minutes with my fingers.  The seeds fall off the stems.  They don't need to have all of the chaff removed.

I'll let them sit a little while, then they go into an envelope to save for next Spring.  I might plant some this late summer.
Partially Cleaned Cilantro Seeds.  8.18.15


  1. I love cilantro. Like dill, it comes up voluntarily. The coriander seeds, however, I dislike (to eat). I quit adding them to soups, etc. Too strong and distasteful.

  2. I love it too. I need to grind up some of the seeds and see what I think. Now that I have so much, I can plant them every couple of weeks until end of season, so I always have some fresh.

    There was a recent report that fresh Mexican-grown cilantro in grocery stores was contaminated by fecal bacteria. Grown in very unsanitary conditions. Growing your own, which is exceedingly easy, solves that problem completely.

  3. Not just in Mexico. In the US, a lot of agri business type "farm" have contaminated products. Its just part of the way things were run. In the previous yr in CA there's a lot of recalls on different kinds of vegs such as spinach, strawberry, lettuce, those items tend to be eaten raw. My Dad bough this organic veg cleaner after he rinse off, he spray and then rinse again. The fields maybe too close to some cattle farms or the owner didn't have port-a-potty for their employees so they defecated in the food field. Its a miracle that not more people die of contaminated food.
    Your home grown goodies will have no such problems at all. Safe and GMO free.

  4. Lance I agree with you! The more home grown the better. Like you say, safe, GMO free, better for the environment, and taste better. Often, more convenient. I can cut the cilantro when I need it, fresh while still growing.