Thursday, July 04, 2024

Bearded Iris Reboot (Yet again!). 4 Jul 24.

 I divided and planted the final large container of bearded irises.  In their new location, they will be easier to weed.  I'm mulching with a thick layer of shredded fir tree chips.

Tomorrow, I want to mulch the ones I just planted.

I think there might be four more remaining plants in the former iris bed.   There is barely room here but I think I can fit them in.  Then that bed will be fully decomissioned.

Cosmos, Marigolds, Zinnia Plants. 4 Jul 24.

 The plants are thriving.  There are a few flower buds on Marigolds and Cosmos.




Dahlia Update. 4 Jul 24.

 Here's an update on some of the dahlias.

First, the minis overwintered from last year.

Big ones that I overwintered.

I'll have to add the ones i grew from seeds later.  They are among the four o'clocks in the border.

All of the Other Geraniums, Update. 24 Jun 24.

 They are taking off and growing well.    Overwintering them is very rewarding.  They are much larger and fuller than new starts.

These as of 4 Jul.  All are in the border now, to be out of the way of the siding contractor.

Two of these were cuttings over the winter.  The third and largest was the original plant, three or four years old now.

Above is the parent plant.  I got the photos reversed.  Below is the other one I grew from a cutting.

Not much difference between the new plants from cuttings, and the original older one.

Here's a new one.  I forgot to photograph the new white one too.

I decided to take a few cuttings, event though I don't need more,  They are nice in the window.

Flowers. 4 Jul 24.

 So nice flowers blooming, mainly the patio container garden.

It's been a challenge, keeping up with the garden.  Lots of changes happening with the house, and getting the Vancouver house ready to sell.  Fortunately the patio flowers are thriving.

I did have to move them due to new HardiBoard siding about to go up next week - fire resistance plus the old T1-11 is going to need replacing anyway.   Being in containers and having a rollable cart helps a lot.

A lot of the flowers are overwintered, older plants that put on lavish shows now - like that dahlia, some of the day-lilies, the Alstroemerias, and others.  Very little trouble and very rewarding.  The ruffled day-lily is Molokai - one of the dried out starts that I gave TLC to this late winter and Spring.