Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Star Quilt Progress. 9.9.22

 I finished the star quilt top side.  It still needs a border and backing, then to be sandwiched with cotton batting and quilted.

The stars look a lot nicer up close.  The big picture obscures so much detail.

Now I'm working on the backing.  I think most quilters use a plain fabric or even a bedsheet for the backing.  I don't want to buy more fabric.  Plus, there was a lot in my fabric stash, and I want to clean out the majority of that stash.  So, I'm making a simple patchwork backing using mostly the same fabrics and some others I had squirreled away.

Technically, this will make the quilt reversible.  However, the backing is much simpler and will go much faster compared to the front.

Lots of Flowers. 9.9.22

 I went around the yard looking at some of the flowers.

Harvest! 8.9.22

 Here is the tomato, zucchini, summer squash, fig, cucumber and pepper harvest today.  Plus some tiny "Orchard Baby" sweetcorn.  

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Puttering. Heat. Bean Care. Drip Irrigation. 7.31.22

It's above 100F now.  I didn't feel like going outside to check the thermometer when it rose above 90F.

I installed drip emitters for the last row of bush beans, and placed cardboard mulch next to the row.  I also installed drip emitters for the four o'clocks.  They were looking droopy in the heat. mI was hauling ten buckets of water each day.  These emitters have a stated 1/2 gallon per hour rate, six inches apart.

The other bush beans looked so dry.

So I cut cardboard strips to cover between the rows.  There wasn't enough, so I also cut kraft paper.  Spring was too wet for kraft paper - it rotted.  I think summer will plenty dry enough for it to last as long as needed.

I thinned the beans in the container planter, taking out about half of the plants.

Coreopsis is blooming now.  First year from seeds.

I Made A Willow Tripod For Thunbergera. 7.31.22

 Thunbergera was one of my bucket list plants this year.   They are finally taking off and growing vines.  They must love this heat.

I made a tripod using willow sticks.  It's about three feet tall.  I bet they will climb it in a month.

The plants have lots of buds.  The first flower opened yesterday.