Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Half barrel / summer vegetable planting. Progress Report. 8.11.15

Egyptian Walking Onions at One Week.  8.11.15
Nasturtiums and Spinach at One Week.  8.11.15

Chinese Pole Beans at One Week.  8.11.15
Considering these were almost zero effort, I'm excited about the early progress.  At about one week. there is germination of some Egyptian Walking Onion divisions, nasturtiums, spinach, a few Swiss chard, some Chinese pole beans.  I scratched some of the areas with no germination and planted seeds of cilantro and red scallions.

I am speculating, the 1/2 barrels are raised so warmer than the ground level plants.  So they may grow faster.


  1. Cool, despite looking like cigarette butts!

  2. Most likely the cig butts looking part is the dead bamboo I had in the barrel 2 years ago. I wanted to remove it but too difficult. So I added a few inches of potting soil on top and planted the onion divisions in that. Some bamboo stems stick out. The theory is the bamboo will gradually decompose while other stuff is growing there. That theory might be wrong.

    The onion divisions look a little like dead cig butts too, but not as much as the bamboo.