Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen. Another step closer.

Now with some cabinets.

The required doggie pic.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fresh Fruit

Shiro plums. Only a handfull of others on the tree. That's really all I need right now.  They are only in their 3rd year.  This was the branch most in the sun. It was rainy during pollination time. That might have been an issue. I tried hand pollinating, don't know if that helped. My idea is next spring if it is raining during blossom time, cover with plastic.

These plums are amazingly good.  I never thought I liked plums.  Then someone brought in a bag of Shiro plums to work, a few years ago.  They were very good.  So I bought this tree.  It's worth it.  Eating them is almost like drinking a very sweet wine, with no astringency, like a muscat.

Fresh figs and plums, seconds after picking them. There are only a few. That's all I need at a time. This makes ripe fig breba this year as #1 Latturula (this week) #2 King (this week) #3 & #4 Vancouver (probably Brunswick) and Petite negri. The bigger brown one is Vancouver, the black one is Petite negri.  The plums are small.  Probably because I didn't water the tree during the heat.  That may be why they are so sweet as well.

Taste test for these varieties. I thought I would like the Brunswick (the light brown interior) better, based on memory from previous years. I like the Petite negri better. The Brunswick is sweet as honey, amazingly sweet. But I think the Petite negri is more "figgy" and still very sweet, with a better texture. Given a choice, I would take the Petite negri. They are all good.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is another step closer. It now has a floor, the ceiling is painted, and the walls are painted. Next week, cabinets.

More from the raised beds.

The strawberries are doing great! I thought everbearing types might give one or two strawberries a month, but these are really productive, sweet, great flavor, red all of the way through. The deeper half/barrel has bigger and more berries compared to the shallower containers. That may be due to not drying out as fast.

The container grown beans are also more productive compared to the ones in the ground.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Miltoniopsis

This is Miltoniopsis Breathless "From Love". I can't take credit for blooming it. It was in spike already. That's what happens - I discover that I can grow something, so I think "let's try more". This one has awesome markings. No scent that I can tell.

The flowers are much smaller than the "NOID" that I bloomed and is still blooming - but I like them.

Kitchen. Another step closer.

Now I'm feeling like we might be getting there soon. Charlie is cautiously optimistic.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The new kitchen now has a subfloor and insulation. Even though there have been many things completed since demolition, this is the first time when I start to feel like there is a kitchen here somewhere. Charlie agrees but wonders where his cookies have gone.

Baigou just doesn't care. He has the tail faster than light.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Miltoniopsis hybrid blooms

Miltoniopsis hybrid. It's always nice when an orchid blooms on growth that occured entirely in my care. Makes me think I can grow orchids. This one was easy, because I didn't expect it to bloom so I kept in out of the way. Mostly it was in either a shaded west window, or an east window. Now that it's in bloom, I like it.

Now in full bloom. I didn't remember the flowers being so big. Very colorful and lush. Now I know I can rebloom Miltoniopsis!