Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall Gardening in Kitchen Garden. 8.30.15

Garlic for planting.  8.30.15
 It may be early, but I planted the first of the garlic today.  These are cloves from this year.

Instead of 8 per row, they are 6 per row.  Instead of 10 rows, there are 8.  I did that to give them more room.

It might be too early.  Last year I planted late and they did not get in much growth before the first freeze.  I can plant more in a few weeks.

This bed has the following rotation:
First Garlic Planting.  8.30.15

2013: strawberries
2014: strawberries.
2015: beans
2015: now, garlic.

I used the largest garlic heads.

I also cleaned up the 1/2 of an 8x8 bed that had E.W. Onions.  That got topped of with some yard soil and planted with buckwheat for green manure.

I started the 4x4 cinderblock bed that I have been gradually building, for replenishing the Chinese Chives.   Will progressively replant them into this bed over the next few weeks.  The soil is enriched with aged chicken compost, and a sprinkling of Epson salts and lime.  Prior testing showed my soil is acidic, and a bit low in calcium and magnesium.  I mixed the additives into the soil and watered to get it ready.


  1. I should take more effort in planting garlic. Normally, I simply dig up the bulbs (last week), and rely on leftovers to go to seed for next year. This years crop was rather pathetic for some reason--not for lack of rain.

  2. Maybe they need dividing. Garlic also likes lots of nitrogen up until about a month or two before harvesting. If it's crowded, that makes for smaller plants too.

    Are yours a known variety? Ones you have been growing from your family's garden? They could be especially adapted to your circumstances.