Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Kitchen Garden. 9.1.15

Part of Kitchen Garden.  9.1.15
Kitchen Garden, ready for fall more or less.

I finished the first of two new raised beds for Chinese chives.  Those are reused cinder blocks.  Very easy.  I can add one or two or three...  blocks and call it a day.  Then the next day, or next week, add some more.  Soon enough, they are all in place.  The soil mix is mainly decomposed sod, molehills, and well aged chicken house compost, all from this yard.

I planted the first of the chive beds.   These are mainly from the prior one.  They needed refreshed soil, and needed dividing to regenerate the clumps.  Some were from a container that we sprouted last year in the sunroom, then had in the yard waiting to be replanted.  Some are volunteer from other raised beds.

I feel better, with all of beds either in use for producing something, or with cover crop for regenerating the soil and feeding the honeybees.
New Chinese Chive Raised Bed.  9.1.15
Kitchen Garden.  9.1.15
Its not Martha Stewart, but good enough. 


  1. I see what you mean (raised beds). Again, impressive.

  2. Better then Martha, you did it all by yourself.

  3. I'm really looking forward to the kitchen garden for next year. There have been some great crops and yields, but I think it's finally settled in and maturing for even better to come.