Sunday, March 06, 2016

Kitchen Garden Progress Report. 3.6.16

Germinating Fava.  3.6.16

New Strawberry bed.  3.6.16
 Late winter kitchen garden.

The first favas have emerged.  These are the variety "Windsor".   I think this is about 3 weeks.  They are not pre-soaked.   I did not worry about placing them with hilum down.  The white pellets are Sluggo slug bait.  I read favas are tasty plants, the slug bait is prophylactic.

The strawberries all grew, every plant.  Starks did a nice job with them.

Garlic is growing fast. 

Many of the potatoes that I planted from salvaged, very sprouted saved potatoes, are showing thick green leaves. 

There are also seedlings of spinach, kohlrabi, radishes, and turnips growing at the old place, in wine barrel containers, and the second crop of favas along with snow peas to germinate in the next 2 weeks.
Overwintered Garlic.  3.6.16
Salvaged Potato Sprouts Growing.   3.6.16


  1. How fun it is to see new sprouts! I don't do what you do (but should). I do have garlic coming up in my garden. Plus, I uncovered my strawberry plants. It's supposed to be in the 60's all week here.

    1. Randy, you will see lots of growth soon!

      Those potatoes were way too sprouted. The sprouts should be half inch or so. They were in a bag in the garage and were forgotten.

      There are some sprouting now for the real planting. Yukon Gold, Burbank Russet, and a fingerling that is pink inside.

  2. Your fava sprouted faster then here. It usually takes about more then 15 days. I've never notice any snail damage but mice and birds were almost a total lost 2 yrs ago. Around here its easier then peas and potatoes.
    Staggering the fava is great because once they started you'll have too much at one time.
    Mash fava with chopped mint stuffed in an artichoke heart. Have to try it.