Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fig Status Report. 3.31.16

Carini Fig Starting Growth.  3.31.16
Lattarula Fig Starting Growth.  3.31.16
All of the fig trees came through the winter with no damage at all, and all have primordial breba buds swelling.  Even the more tender fig trees, Smith and Champagne, were unfazed.  Thank you El Nino.

I attempted a graft of Petite negri onto the extra Dominic.  I don't know how that will come out.  The scion were refrigerated for a few months due to not wanting them to start growth before I could graft in Spring.

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  1. You are already getting spring crop wow. My cuttings is doing well. The shorter ones are leaving in the same stage as yours. So far Beall, Armenian, Gris St Jean(sp) Osborne Prolific have taken. Sometimes a sudden heat wave and too little water will kill a rooted cutting. I'm just soaking one that was all dried up on weds. The longer branches that I was experimenting didn't take. I used to play with a sizable branch and it took, the soil was different though.Colder temp would have help rooting I think on my case.