Sunday, March 06, 2016

Home Orchard Progress Report. 3.6.16

North View,  Main Orchard.   3.5.16

Charlotte Peach.  3.6.16
Asian Pear Multigraft.  3.6.16
 This is a good moment to assess fruit tree flowers.  Compatible trees that bloom at the same time are candidates for pollinating, either as nearby trees or graft of pollinating branch.

Plums, and hybrid Prunus, blooming at the same time now, include Methley, Sweet treat, Hollywood.  Toka has swelling buds not yet open.

Nadia has open flowers but may not count because I just planted it last month as a bare root tree.

Korean bush cherry is the only cherry that is blooming now.  They are described as self-pollinating.

Most of the Asian pears have swelling buds but no open flowers so far.

Not blooming, but I have cleaned up most of the grape plants in the row of grapes.  I planted two new ones, Black Monukka, and Himrod.  I was unable to find much info about Black Monukka.  Himrod is described as too vigorous in Oregon, but I don't know about here.  I also don't know the conditions for the aggressive growth - if those were near a lawn or farm field, they may have been over fertilized, which for grapes leads to excessive green growth but fewer grapes.

Methley Plum.  3.6.16

Sweet Treat Pluerry, Prunus interspecific hybrid.  3.6.16

Hollywood Plum, 2 years after starting from cutting.  3.6.16

Label, new grape plant "Black Monukka".  3.6.16

Buffalo Grape, swelling buds.   3.6.16

Korean Bush Cherry Flowers.  3.6.16

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  1. Lots of great things happening at your garden! WOw, never seen a Korean bush cherry, looks like a plum. Does it make edible fruit?
    I've planted the Hollywood plum from my mail order and looks like my cutting is also rooted. So 2 Hollywood plum will be better then one. Your Methley plum is very ornamental. Actually most fruiting tree have nice flowers to look at. Spring is here, make you feel good to be alive!