Thursday, March 03, 2016

Propagation Projects, Progress Report. 3.3.16

Pink Ornamental Cherry, whip / tongue 3.3.16

Single Pink Ornamental Cherry, whip / tongue  3.3.16

Ginkgo whip / tongue.  3.3.16

Ginkgo whip / tongue  3.3.16
 These are some of my plant propagation projects.

On the past 2 days, I grafted scion from ornamental cherries onto wild cherry root stock.  The root stocks were volunteers in the yard, likely sweet cherry or descendents from sweet cherries.

It was difficult to identify scion that was not already too far along.  The main tree is an ancient - in suburban terms - double flowered, fringed, pink Japanese cherry.  Very beautiful.    From the rootstock of that tree, are growths that bloom much earlier, pink prolific single flowers.    That one is even more advanced, fully blooming.  There were some 1-year growths that have mildly swelling buds, so I used one of those.

If the flowering cherry scion don't take, I can alllow growth of the wild cherry root stocks from below the grafts, and try T-budding this summer.

I've already posted on the ginkgo tree grfts.  The buds might be swelling a little.  Hard to say.  The trees are no further along.  I tiny patch of green is visible in some  buds.  It takes imagination to see that.
Grape Cuttings.  3.3.16

Genetic Dwarf Peach Seedling.  4th year.  3.4.16

Sedum From Stem Cuttings, Overwintered Outdoors.  3.4.16
Buds are swelling on the grape cuttings.  Those are from February.

The seedling genetic dwarf peach has pink flower buds.  I don't know what will happen.  If the flowers take, then the peaches may be small, due to not being on a vigorous peach rootstock.  If dwarfing rootstocks make for normal size fruit, them maybe own-root peaches are no smaller than their grafted counterparts.  This is an experiment.

The large varietiy sedums from stem cuttings last fall are growing nicely.  I kept a few inside - they dried out and died.  The starts that I kept outside for the winter are growing.


  1. Thanks for sharing your handy work. This couple of week is very busy for grafting and totally tired out. In such a short time some of the apple scion have already took due to warm weather. However, am still struggling with plums. Looks like they either got knock off by birds or they didn't take. Maybe I got mixed up with Asian and European, compatibility issues. Am willing to try budding now. Whatever happens I do enjoy the profuse beautiful flowers. The Blunt Ridge order came and am very happy with the full size trees but the Ginkgo seedlings are only 2 inches tall and my apple scion was not available even thought was confirmed , will not hesitate to order again for their full size trees. Very good service.

  2. Lance, I also grafted some Asian pear this year, and one apple - a columnar apple that is red on the lower part, then yellow for the middle. This year I added red again for the top.

    There should also be some scion soon from Fedco for some more apples to try.

    I think if I had bird problems with my scion, I might splint them with a stick, tie the stick along the length of the scion. I've read both ways, you can or can't graft Asian and European plums together.

    Those ginkgo seedlings must be one year old. They sound like the ginkgos that I grow from seeds, at the first year. I imagine you will get good growth this year.