Sunday, March 06, 2016

What's Blooming. Backyard Phenoogy. 3.3.16

Flowering Rootstock Growths from Ornamental Cherry.  3.3.16

El Dorado Peach In Bloom.  3.3.16

Shiro Plum Bloom, Almost Open.  3.3.16
Some of the trees in my old yard in town.  The rootstock for the 50? year old Kwanzaa? cherry has nice ruffled, but single, pink flowers.  Much earlier than the main tree.  I leave those there for the nice flowers.

I grafted both Kwanzaa and rootstock onto separate wild cherry root stocks.  The wild cherry root stocks are probably sweet cherries.

Genetic Dwarf peach in container, north side of house, El Dorado, in bloom.

Hollywood plum is fully open.  Shiro is almost open.
Pink Flowered Ornamental Cherry Rootstock Flowers.  3.3.16


  1. Replies
    1. Ben, My figs are all outside now. I doubt there will be any more frosts.

  2. Your single cherry, rootstock? Looks very ornamental, reminds me of Akebono cherry or Autumnnelis. The ornamental cherry is just beginning to break flower buds here in SF; its nice to see it in full bloom in your area. I've been to a few Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan town,strangely enough by April all the blossoms' long gone:-(

  3. Lance, I would love to see the Japanese Cherries bloom in Japan, but probably never will. I'm glad I have them here to view. If the grafting works, it will be fun to plant the new ones somewhere.