Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sunroom Orchids. 3.24.16

Here are some of the sunroom orchids. I don't do much to take care of them. Once in a while I repot in some arborist woodchips. Once in a while I give them very dilute tomato fertilizer.  This year I do not have the burden of corporate life, and might give them more attention.
Dendrobium nobile.  3.24.16

Cymbidium.  3.24.16

Dendrobium nobile.  3.24.16

Dendrobium nobile.  3.24.16

Twinkle type oncidium.  3.24.16

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  1. The twinkle type have intense fragrance. I used to have several before when I was renting in a basement and of course the lack of light really kills it. It never make the move to the house. I've never work with the dent noble before but I have many different dend, only one is inside now. All doing well outside in total shade. They are all kingianum which is rather small compares to the Thai type which can be rather large. The kingianum can be large too in width because they produce canes and kiekis readily. At this moment at the last leg of a full bloom, very fragrant and totally carefree. this big one is impossible to divide and spilling out on itself. this cym was from a bare back bulb bough at a show 7 yrs ago. It was doing good and grew into a good size clump before willing to flower for me. sorry for the rotation it won't rotate.