Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eggs and Dandelions. 3.31.16

Eggs from our chickens.  Left is after feeding dandelions.  3.31.16
For the past 4 days, I've been digging a big bucket of dandelions every day and feeding them to the chickens.

Maybe it's my imagination, but the yolk on the left looks more deeply colored, compared to the other two.  The one on the left was laid today, the two on the right were laid 3 days ago.  Since the hens are free range, the 2 eggs on the right probably contain some yard weed nutrients, but not as much.  Their yard is mostly grass, almost no weeds due to their feeding and scratching.

The hens like the dandelions and eat a pile down to nothing in an afternoon.  We have enough dandelions for many more buckets of feed.  Feeding dandelion greens may also slightly decrease the cost of feed, depending on whether the greens replace some of the feed grain.  In my yard, they are totally organic, no pesticides or herbicides at all.


  1. Delicious eggs! Dandelions good for people also. There's all kinds of ailments you can treat with dandelions roots and such. The latest internet rumors' it cure cancer:-)

    1. Lance, you are right, they are delicious! Hard boiled, thge yolks are so dark yellow. They make a delicious mayo.

      I don't know about the cancer cure, but I bet they don't hurt anything. Of course, mine are organic. It's interesting to look at the ones that are in a little shade, or in a border with no competition from grass - more lush, leavds more tender and less bitter. The Italian dandelion seeds are just starting to germinate.