Sunday, July 05, 2015

Fig Progress Report. 7.5.15

Brunswick main crop figs.  7.5.15

Container Carini with small main crop figs.  7.5.15
 This progress report is for fig trees at the Battleground place.  The 4 in-ground and 3 potted at the Vancouver place will follow if I have the energy.

Brunswick - started from cutting 2001, moved to Battleground 2012.  Big main crop figs.  I hope they continue.

Sal's - started uncertain date, slow start.  Planted small tree, 1 foot, Battleground, summer 2012.   Growth continues to be slow, which might be why there was no frost damage when other fast growing trees died to the ground.  Many figs, further ahead than most of the other varieties, even though growth is minimal.

Carini - I have both in-ground and container.  If the in-ground survives next winter, I want to find a good home for the container tree.   Two good size brebas, and a number of new main crop.  In-ground was grown from cutting 2013, winter killed to ground, that winter, grew back 2014 - slower - and survived winter with protection.  This winter is the big test, no protection.

Atreano - I have both in-ground and container.  Both are promising.  I would like to find a good home for the container tree, after I get to eat the figs.  I have not tried Atreano yet.  Similar story as Carini.

Hardy Chicago - Growth was slow.  Grew from cutting 2014.  Planted in-ground late last winter.  Some main-crop figs have begun, but very tiny so far.  

LSU Tiger - similar story as Atreano and Carini.  If in-ground survives this winter, the container tree will need a new home.  No protection for this winter.  I'm a bit interested to see what happens - growth was faster than I wanted.  My hypothesis is that fast growth will be less hardy during a cold winter or early cold snap.

Lattarula - same story as Hardy Chicago.  Also growing fast.  Big juicy stems.   Will they harden off in time for winter?

Dominick - growth is slow and steady.  Stems already look woody.  Might be good for a marginal climate.   Have not had a chance to taste them yet.  Two in-ground specimens.

Mystery - found near deck in Vancouver.  Leaves similar to Brunswick, but I doubt that.  Growing well.

King - growth not that vigorous, which portends well for winter.  But, with so little growth, not confident there will be brebas next year.  King is breba-only.

In-Ground Carini with 2 brebas and small main crop figs.  7.5.15
Basically, this is my Battleground fig research project.  It makes sense that if a variety does well in Vancouver, it would do will in Battleground, which is not a lot different.  Winter might be a couple of degrees colder, and there might be a few days earlier frost, and slightly cooler Spring.  For cultivars that are marginal in Vancouver, they might not thrive or produce in Battleground.

Still, it's really to early to say.  None have been there more than 3 years.  Some are in their first year.  Several years of growth are needed before a fig tree really comes into production.  
In-ground Atreano.  7.5.15

Hardy Chicago.  7.5.15

Lattarula.  7.5.15

LSU Tiger.  7.5.15


  1. This is a terrible season for my fig cutting because of the drought. I have a nice Jurupa fig already have lots of roots but once I planted into ground it died. Glad to look at your thriving figs. Good job.

  2. That's too bad. We need to figure out how to harvest water from the air. I read Jurupa is a good variety.