Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rehydrating Peach Seeds. 7.30.15

Rehydrated El Dorado peach seeds.  7.30.15
When I cracked open the El Dorado peach pits, the seeds looked like tiny dried out potato chips.  I soaked them for 2 days in water.  Now they are plump and heavy.

I don't know if they are viable.

Now they go into the fridge in a wet paper towel.

Seedling genetic dwarf peach trees, 3rd year.  7.30.15
 This is the 3rd year for the seedling genetic dwarf peaches.  I don't know the source variety - either Sungold or Honey Babe.  They were in-ground the first and 2nd years.  Last fall I transplanted them into containers and kept under cover for the winter.  The foil reflects light from the black nursery pots to keep them from overheating.

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