Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Egyptian Walking Onion Starts.  7.28.15

Buckwheat at one week.   7.28.15
 I don't know if these will work.  If I don't try, I won't know.

The Egyptian Walking Onions were eaten by rabbits.  I covered them with chicken wire.  They grew back, but then I was ill and could not get in to pull weeds.  The plants appear to have small bulbs at the bases, although dried out.  I divided some and planted in one of the "wells" that I originally set up for potatoes.  Basically, cinder-block circles stacked on top of each other, chicken wire bottom to deter moles, and filled with garden soil.   I think they will grow.  I have more to plant in container at home, and still more to dig out soon.  Technically these are not seeds, I know.

The buckwheat germinated thickly, in both 1-week-old plantings.  I watered well, and also watered the 3 day old plantings that are not germinated.  Prediction for today is mid 80s or higher.

I planted bean seeds in a raised bed that I cleaned up and topped off with yard soil.  Most of the seeds are old.  I planted 3 rows of Ning's Chinese pole beans, alternating the 2 packets so if one is bad, but the other is good, they will be evenly spaced.  Those seeds are several years old.  I did the same with Roma bush beans.  The Romas are 1 to 4 years old.  The Romas claim 53 days to harvest, which would be mid to late Sept.  If they grow, they should grow fast in the current heat.
Bean Bed, with bird protection.  7.28.15

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