Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bearded Iris Beds. 7.16.15

Bearded Iris Bed.  7.16.15

Bearded Iris Beds 2 and 3.  7.16.15

Sempervivum.  7.16.15
Looks like the bearded iris beds have fully recovered from the bacterial rot an leaf spot fungal infections of this Spring.  Hot dry summer, lots of sun, no added water, keep weeds out, and ground-up-cedar-tree mulch. 

I gave up on companion planting, except for SempervivumSempervivum do not shade other plants, they do not crowd other plants, and they are happy with the hot dry conditions, same as bearded irises.

I have a shipment of 3 varieties coming in a day or two.  I also added back a seedling that I grew by hybridizing "Immortality" X "Spiced Custard", that bloomed this spring, nice white flower, yellow beard, not too large.  There is room for a couple more seedlings from that cross, that might be entirely different.

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