Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bee Forage. 7.11.15

Bumblebee on French Marigold.  7.11.15
 Today I observed bumblebees foraging-

Borage, heavily.

French marigolds, moderately.

Penstemon, moderately.

Oregano, heavily.
Bumblebee on borage.  7.11.15

I have lilies, daylilies, and nasturtiums in bloom.  No bees are foraging those plants.

I also observed honeybees on squash blossoms.  They are open briefly, and somewhat hidden under the leaves.  They don't forage enough to guarantee pollination of the female flowers.  So I do that by hand.

Chives and cilantro finished blooming.  Bumblebees and honeybees foraged those heavily.  I cut off the chives, hoping for second bloom.  I am letting the cilantro go to seeds so I can save seeds, and have a big source for free instead of buying more.
Oregano with bumblebee.  7.11.15

Penstemon with bumblebee.  7.11.15

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