Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This and That. 7.13.15

Yellow Beans.  7.13.15

Begonia.  7.13.15
 First crop of beans ready today.  I thought the Romas would be first.  Instead, it was these Yellow Wax Beans.  All of a sudden, there they are.  Supper tonight.

The begonia tubers I bought this spring all grew.  Some much faster than others.  This is the first, about to bloom.  On North side of the house.  No direct sun at all.

Daylily Luxury Lace.  This is a group of 3 starts, that I planted together in container when they came in the mail this spring.  They were fairly dried out.  They got some TLC, then into ground.  Blooming now.  I'm impressed, blooming first year.  This is considered a historic variety.  1959.  Which also makes me a historic variety.  According to OldHouseGardens, this variety"was bred by Edna Spalding of rural Louisiana who grew her seedlings in the vegetable garden and culled the rejects with a kitchen knife"

Daylily pink is kind of a different pink.  I don't know how to describe it.  Daylily red is the same way - not what I would consider a true red, but I like it very much.
Daylily "Luxury Lace".  First bloom.  7.13.15

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