Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Couple More Irises. 7.17.15

Iris Shipment from Schreiner's.  7.17.15
My bearded iris shipment came yesterday from Schreiner's.  As usual, they are big fat rhizomes with thick healthy appearing leaves.  If they don't grow, it's something I am doing, and not the product.

I bought -

Owyhee Desert.  1997.  Again.  Unusual flower, with white edges on falls and white standards, with falls washed with rusty brown  and violet stippling.   Previous one never bloomed, and died in the bacterial rot epidemic.  It might not be suitable for her but I want to try again.  This time around, using chopped evergreen mulch, no summer water after the first planting, keep most other plants out.

Sea Power.   1999.  Highly ruffled blue.  Fragrant.

Kinkajou Shrew.  1999.  Highly marbled, grape purple, fragrant.   Reported as vigorous.

Other than watering them in now, intent is no further summer watering.  Nor, any of the others.

I also planted another of my own hybrids, in the iris bed.  This one has not bloomed yet, so I don't know what it will look like.  Probably also hybrid of Immortality X Spiced Custard, although there were others.  If I name them, I would like something colorful, such as "Yellow Caterpillar, Shivering in the Snow", or "Happy Puppy, Rolling Around in the Dust".

Irises Quickly Planted.  7.17.15

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