Thursday, July 02, 2015

More Dalilies. 7.2.15

Chicago Apache.  7.2.15

Daring Deception.  7.2.15
 I think this is the main Daylily season.  There are lots blooming in the neighborhood, mainly the old Hemerocallis fulva, the common wild daylily seen on farmsteads, a lot of Stella d'Oro in commercial plantings, and some nice big yellow ones.

If you keep your eyes open, there are others that add a lot of interest and color.  The colors may be different than marketed, but there are still a lot of good colors.

Since I like to look back, and look at them later, some of these are repeat photos taken a few days later.

"Chicago Apache" - very impressive.  I can't describe the red.  There are tones of blue or lavender, under substance of dark, cinnamon red, with fine stripes of orange light shining through and black anthers. 

"Daring Deception" - growing on me.  I actually like the lavender flowers.  There is high bud count, so they should be blooming for a while.

"Ice Carnival" - looks like it's at its  peak.  Almost white.  Shows up very nice in the evening.

The rescued, "Mystery" daylily is one of the more refined looking flowers.  I think this was one I ordered from Van Bourgendien one summer, and grew frustrated at the order not being filled until November; then the bulbs and roots were near-dead looking.  I planted them in odd places around the yard and forgot them.  In the case of this one, it was north of the house in a bulb border that I leave dry in the summer.  I saw it was about to bloom, and rescued the puny plant by potting it in potting soil.  The flower is worthwhile, subtle colors and shades, wide petals, heavy substance.  I will keep in in container for a while, then find a more prime spot for it to multiply and show off.  Very very nice.

Mystery "Vigaro" daylily was at hoe depot.  I suspect these could be no-name seedling grown varieties, but I'm not certain.  They just state the fertilizer company, "Vigaro" on the label, and "Daylily".  This one was interesting, so I added it to the group.  The flower may change as it adapts to local soil conditions, nutrients, pH, temperature.  Another kind of cinnamon color, but very different from Chicago Apache.

"Fooled Me" - exactly as labeled and pictured!  From Lowes a couple of weeks ago.   I bought in bud, for longer bloom time.  I knew I was risking incorrect label, without having flowers on the plant at time of purchase.  It's also a very nice flower.
Ice Carnival.  7.2.15

Rescued mystery daylily.  7.2.15

Mystery "Vigaro" Daylily.  7.2.15
 This makes for a nice mix in the same border as Spring bulbs.  They are dried out and gone, hopefully to bloom again in early spring.   I plan to add 3 more - ordered via internet, taking a chance but entirely different company - which may need TLC in containers for a while.

Unfortunately bees are not interested in daylilies.
"Fooled Me".  7.2.15


  1. Glad for you that"Fooled Me" didn't fool you! Hahahaha
    Chinese people eat daylily. Do you plan to try a few?

  2. I have not eaten daylily flowers. Now that I have quite a few plants, I should look up directions for eating them, and make some.