Thursday, July 02, 2015

First Ripe Plums. 7.2First methley P.15

Mystery Plums.  7.2.15

First Methley Plum.  7.2.15

First Methley Plum.  7.2.15
Today was the first plum tasting for me at the Battleground place.  The "Mystery" plum was a small tree that, initially, was half eaten and repeatedly eaten by deer.  I applied varios deer deterrents, with mixed success.   The tree survived the rest of 2012, and grew taller 2013 and 2014.  I added grafts of other varieties last year and this year. for pollination and because for all I knew, the plums would not be good.

They are good.  They have a great flavor with the spiciness of red-flesh plums.  They are not large.  I don't water or fertilize this tree, which might result in smaller plums but also more flavorful.

Coincidentally, the Methley bore its first and only plum of the year.  This is its first plum ever.  The tree grew rapidly this year.  Based on this one plum, Methley is similar size, internal and external color and bloom, as Mystery plum.  Maybe a little more blue.  The inside might be a little more red.  The flavor might be a bit richer, sweeter, more spicey.  For all I know, it's the same plum, but this one Methley plum seemed more delicious.

Regardless, these were delicious plums.  I ate them all within 10 minutes of this photo.

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