Monday, July 01, 2013

Fig Trees - started from cuttings this winter.

 These are fig trees started from cuttings this winter.  These are among the fastest to grow.  I have some under 1 foot tall.   For the most part, all have been getting 1/4 teaspoon Miracle Grow for Tomatoes.  Not organic, I know.  A temporary measure to get them up and growing faster.  The idea is similar to fertigation.  Sort of.
 There are several Carini starts.  This is one of the smaller ones.  May be a bit stunted due to the figs already growing.
Another Carini
 Another Carini, also with some early fig formation.

 Champagne fig.  This is the larger of two.  There are tiny figs forming in leaf axils.
North of house on hot day
 There are potential disadvantages to the fast growth.  They may not be hardy for winter.  They are also not durable for hot summer days in full sun.  So I moved them to the North side of the house.  They need daily water.
 I don't need another Lattarula but I have someone in mind who would like to have it.  Once we are past the hottest part of summer, I plan to give it away.
The Smith cuttings surprised me and took off like the others.  I thought they would be slower.
The other Smith
This Smith tree needs a larger container.  I'm concerned it will dry out if I don't water dailyh or twice daily.

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