Thursday, July 11, 2013

Buddleia first flower

Buddleia hybrid "Blueberry Cobbler"
 Buddleia X "Blueberry Cobbler".  Sterile, noninvasive, compact, and legal.

First flower.  I've been nursing this plant since January.  It was a hold-over at Portland Nursery.

Most web pics are close up of the flower, without much context of the plant itself.  The color is difficult to photograph.  Many web pics crop off the flower tip.  It's better to show the entire flower.  And the plant for context.

Buddleia hybrid  "Blueberry Cobbler"
Very fragrant.

Unfortunately last weekend this plant blew off the deck.  It was light.  In a container, it dries out quickly.  The fall broke some stems.  Even so I'm happy with the result.  The broken stems will be better in the long run.  Pruning encourages bushiness.

Flower really is reminiscent of lilac.

I have one of the same variety, in-ground at the Battleground place.  It's about one week behind this containerized TLC plant.

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