Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fruit from the garden

Lattarula figs, Shiro plums, Blackberries


NoID Plum
Fresh fruit from the garden.  Lattarula figs, Shiro plums, wild Himalayan Blackberries.

Mulberry has a few remaining berries.

Unknown plum variety at the Battleground place.  Still very firm.  Next year maybe there will be more bees and more flowers on nearby pollinating varieties.

Crimson Pointe plums
 I've been waiting for the 4 plums on the "Crimson Pointe" ornamental plum to ripen.  Last week they were rock hard.  Today there were none on the tree.  I found 2 on the ground, rinsed them off, and ate them.  They were absolutely delicious - tasted like red wine.  Mildly sweet, mildly sour.  Perfect balance.  I just planted this tree last year.  It's not listed as an edible plum.  That's possibly because they fall off when ripe.  But those plums were so good.


  1. The fable of adam and eve should have been about plums, not apples. The photo of that opened plum is really tempting!

  2. This one is very tasty. Then again, they all are. I grafted from this tree onto another, to improve pollination and improve chances of getting more. Very hopeful, they are unique and have a great flavor. No way to get anything similar at a store.