Monday, July 22, 2013

Buddleia planted last week.

Buddleia X Blueberry Cobbler
This was a TLC plant on the deck.  It grew rapidly and came into bloom before it's in-ground siblings.

Just one problem.  This was sold ad "Peach Cobbler"  From the photos on line, it's really "Blueberry Cobbler" - not nearly as much to my liking.

Still maybe it will provide some nectar.  It was wilting rapidly in the container.

I planted it in the ground last weekend.  In-ground, the roods should spread further, the moisture is not as confined, and the roots are in relatively cooler ground, so it won't be as much effort to water until established.  Once established, it should almost never need watering.

Gave it some compost and mulch.  

So far I've seen bumblebees and butterflies on the buddleias, but not honeybees.

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