Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Multiplier Onions and Heritage Garlic Harvest.

German Porcelain Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic
 Two weeks ago I dug up the German Porcelain garlic.  Nice bulbs, not as big as last year.  It's hot outside.  They are laid out on cardboard boxes in the garage, to dry.

Last weekend I dug up the Inchelium Red garlic.  They are also spread out on cardboard to dry.

Two weeks ago I dug up the Yellow Potato Multiplier Onions.  Biggest I've grown.  They are being treated in the same way.  No pic of that one yet.

They all look pretty good.  The earlier and later planted multiplier onions finished at the same time and are the same size.

There is some remaining garlic to harvest.

Meanwhile, where the garlic grew, I've planted cantaloupe, watermelon, and pole beans.    Quick rotation.

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