Monday, July 22, 2013

Carini Fig Update

This Carini fig tree is knee height now.  It wilted a bit after transplant but perked up with watering.  

This is the "backup" Carini fig tree.  It will stay in th garage over winter.  Next year if the in-ground tree survives winter, this tree may be a gift.

This one has been given to a gentleman in Washougal.  One less to take care of.  I'm a  bit overwhelmed by keeping them watered now.

The Carini figs are from Frank in New Jersey. A family variety, having been passed down generations.  Originally from Carini, a town in the Palermo region of Sicily.  Has not been tried in Pacific NW before.  All grew of the cuttings grew nicely, no evidence at all of FMV.  All have some small figs.  Maybe there will be a taste of these in a month. or two.

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