Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sun Screen for Black Plant Containers

Reflective, insulating sleeves
This was a bubble-pack type material with reflective mylar surface.  I originally bought it to cover the copper beehive roof.  Without the cover, the roof was to hot to touch.  With the cover, it was cool to the touch, under the insulating material.

The black containers dry out too fast.  Sometimes I can't keep up, especially on hot days.  So I made sleeves for the containers.  They are held in place with reflective duct tape.  With the reflective, insulating sleeves in place, I can water less frequently.

It's possible the warm soil helped the trees grow faster.  It's OK if they slow down now.  They will need to harden off for winter.  New, rank growth might not harden off as well, so it's time to slow down.


  1. Hello. I like your blog. Curious if you remember where you purchased this material and if you think it would be good for winterizing containers. I'm looking for a good way to insulate containers from freezing.

  2. This was either from Home Depot or Lowes. It is made, I think, for insulating water heaters. I imagine they will still have it.