Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pole Beans. Zucchini. Butternut Squash. Watermelon. Borage. Tomatoes.

 Tomato fruits are setting.  The plants are growing.  I don't know how they will do in the Battleground raised beds, but I think OK.  They need some mulch.

Borage and Butternut squash
Watermelon "Petite Yellow"
Zucchinis are living up to their reputation for fast growth.  There are small flower buds.  I think starting them in containers then setting them out in garden works well.

Pole beans have replaced garlic - 2 weeks ago - and I installed deer / rabbit fence last weekend.  Easy job, just have to do it.   Ditto on the container starts.

If not for fatigue I would have done a lot more.  I'm good for about an hour at a time.  New raised beds will have to wait.  If I can construct the sides this month, then filling them won't be so bad.

Borage and Butternut Squash growing nicely where I cleared out a pile of leaf compost a few weeks ago.   Borage seeds were planted directly. 

Small watermelon plant replaced Inchelium Red garlic.

This is the first year growing vegetables at the Battleground place.  So everything is new. 

If only I had some energy.  I could do a lot.

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