Thursday, July 25, 2013

Culled Fig Tree Starts. Fig Mosaic Virus

Culled due to FMV
These fig starts are about to be culled.  They have much less vigor, compared to the others I started.

From what I read, FMV is ubiquitous.  Fig Mosaic Virus.  So I shouldn't need to worry about transmitting virus from one to another.

However, I also read there are multiple viruses that cause Fig Mosaic Disease.  What happens with infection by multiple viruses?
Fig Mosaic Disease

Since these are growing so poorly, I will discard them.  Most are Violette de Bordeaux.  One or two are Black Marseilles.

Disappointed, but this is responsible garden epidemiology.

I have Petite negri (possible Aubique pettite) which is very productive, despite evidence for FMD.  Young King Fig (Desert King) shows FMD, but grows out of it and is very vigorous.  But these starts have had their chance, and I don't want to, possibly, add new infections to my collection.


  1. Interesting. I've actually never tried a fresh fig. I really should!

  2. They are really good. If you have the setting for growing them, they are worth the effort.