Friday, July 15, 2016

Planting Seeds in Summer for Fall and Winter Kitchen Crops. 7.18.16

Greens and herb seeds for fall kitchen harvest.  7.18.16
 As I clear out the kitchen garden areas from Spring planted crops, there is room for summer seed planting. The greens half-barrel got seeds from old packets of basil, mesclun, turnips, arugula, and nasturtiums, for greens.

Dates on packets:
Mesclun - 2009
Nasturtium - 2016
Turnip - 2015
Arugula - 2016
Basil - 2015

I also harvested garlic.  The garlic production and size of many of the heads, were awesome.  Info to follow.

The history of that raised bed:  Strawberries 2013, 2014. They pretty much died and were almost all weed by Summer  2015.  Then bush beans for the summer 2015, then garlic last fall and winter.  Now will be mostly brassicas for fall.
Vegetable seeds for fall and winter kitchen garden.  7.18.16
I planted the following seeds in short rows across the 4 foot width of the bed.  I alternated big-growing plants with small-growing plants which should be ready sooner.  That uses up the space and I hope I'm not overcrowding the big leaf plants.

Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna - 2015
Kohlrabi - Green Queen - 2012.  I interplanted the purple and green Kohlrabi so if the older green ones don't grow, there are still the purple ones.
Ideal Purple Top Milan Turnip - 2016
Radish Cherry Belle - 2015
Carrot Paris Market 2015
Radish Hailstone 2010
Broccoli Waltham 29 - 2013
Cilantro, I saved the seeds - fall 2015

According to Washington State Extension Service, now is good time to plant bush beans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrots, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, rutabagas, swiss chard, and turnips.  There are still more that can be planted later, to overwinter.  According to Oregon State Extension Service, I can also start collards and Brussels sprouts.

Baker Creek seeds has a beautiful website, with suggestions for fall planting.  I ordered some of the Chinese radishes, which look like they will be similar size to turnips and I am told have excellent flavor, to be used for cooking instead of just radishes for salads.  I ordered seeds for " Chinese Red Meat Radish", Qingluobo radish, and  "Misato Rose radish.

Starting seeds now, they need watering at least daily and possibly twice daily.  Or cover with cardboard or newspaper, so they don't dry out, until germinated.


  1. Thanks for the reminder for starting seeds for the fall. I'm usually too busy with the current chores to remember and then when I see your fall harvest I'll get envious;-D

    1. This is my first attempt at summer seed starting. I don't know how it will work out. I imagine it's like a lot of things, some will work, some wont, and some will sort of work.