Monday, July 04, 2016

Persimmon Status Report. 7.4.16

Persimmon Progress.  Saijo.  7.4.16

Persimmon Progress.  Nikita's Gift.  7.4.16
 There are about 7 persimmons developing on Saijo.  With the small number, I did not thin even the few that were close together.  They have a 4-lobe appearance, which surprises me.  I thought they would be ball-shaped.

I thinned some of Nikita's gift, although with only about 20 developing persimmons - after thinning -  I did leave some near the others.  On some branches, there were as many as 6, close together.  I thought that was too much competition for resources, and I want them to be as early, large, and sweet, as the leaves can support.

As for the chocolate persimmon grafts, the first is slowly progressing, still with a brownish - red coloration to the leaves.  The second needed several additional weeks to begin growth, but finally started.  So that means don't be too impatient.
Persimmon Graft.  "Chocolate Persimmon".  7.4.16

Persimmon Progress.  "Chocolate"  7.4.16


  1. No doubt they're persimmons, despite the odd looking Saijos. My two female trees are loaded. I have 4 males. They won't bear fruit, but they look majestic.

  2. I would love to get some male persimmon scion late next winter, if there was only a way to do it :-) Not sure it's necessary, but it's fun to play.

    If that is not Saijo, then I have a big problem with Raintree Nursery. They state that Saijo is the only Asian variety that bears fruit in their area, which is only about 100 miles from here. So that is why I bought it from them. It's possible that I am at lower elevation and warmer, so that may not apply. It took 4 years of care to get it to this stage, so that's a long time to care for a tree that is not what was advertised and sold. We'll see.

    There is still the Nikita's Gift, which is hybrid something like 3/4 Asian and 1/4 American, and the necessary conditions might be different.

    My American persimmons are a ways from bearing. The Yates - from Indiana - supposedly does not need a male, and is almost as big as the Nikita's gift now. Maybe next year? Maybe 2018? Deer eat any branch that sticks through the fencing, damn deer.