Friday, July 08, 2016

Walking Around. 7.8.16

Daylily "Chicago Apache".   7.8.16
 This daylily was labeled only with the fertilizer name, "Vigaro".  Bought in 2015.
Daylily, no label.  7.8.16
 I kept thinking there was something odd about this daylily.  It has an extra petal. 
Daylily labeled as "Frans Hals".  7.8.16

Daylily "Ice Carnival".  7.8.16

Pumpkins.  7.8.16
 These tigridias were in a container.  I planted them into the ground to see if they survive the climate here.
Tigridia.  7.8.16

Blueberries.  7.8.16
 Apparently chickens don't eat chamomile.  That, and grass, are all that survive in the chicken yard.
Chamomile forest.  7.8.16
 This daylily was labeled as "Daring Deception".  It's nice, but it's not true to the name.
Daylily labeled as "Daring Deception".  7.8.16


  1. I wonder if chickens like the aroma of chamomile? I enjoy walking through a patch of it in my back yard. Your garden looks healthy and productive.

  2. I wonder if you scattered their seed in the chamomile if they would do more scratching?

    1. Joan, it's a thought. They seem happy with anything we give them.

  3. My late season blueberry is about done. Getting lots of berries as the bush aged. Don't ever have to buy blueberry in the market have more then I need. You chicken looked happy strolling in the chamomiles.

  4. Lance, I'm sure your blueberries are ahead of here. We still have some more time to go.