Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sweet Corn, Fruit Harvest, and Prior Okra Experience. 7.27.16

Hollywood and Green Gage Plums, and Figs.  7.27.16
 Mos of todays meals were from the kitchen garden.  Pretty awesome to me.  Lots of fruit.  The first batch of Trinity se+ sweet corn is fully ripe.   Compared to store corn, more tender, sweeter, but smaller ears.  First harvest was almost to the day, the same as last year.  The difference is last year I started in containers, then planted out in the kitchen garden.  This year I seeded directly into the ground.    The seeds were planted about 4.15.16 which gives a bit more than 100 days from seed to harvest.  That compares to 70 days on the seed label, but who's counting?

The difference is that climate here is cooler and nights are cooler, compared to sweet corn country. 

Most of the corn plants have 2 ears this year, which is nice.
Lunch.  Summer Squash for Salad, Sweet Corn, and Lattarula Figs.  7.27.16
 I looked back on growing okra in 2014.  I grew it in containers.  Production was minimal and, looking at the pictures, the plants were rather scrawny.  I don't know how this year will turn out, but I was excited to see the first flower today, on a one-foot-tall okra plant.  Not sure, but I think this Spring was warmer, but this summer is cooler and wetter, compared to 2015.  Starting to make up for it.  Today was 90F on my car thermometer, which is a good okra-growing temperature.
Containerized Okra. 9.20.14. 


  1. Again, envy. Figs this time.
    I don't understand why more people don't have gardens. I just counted in my mind 8 "neighbors", all living out in the "country", none of which grow as little as a tomato plant, let alone a garden. Sad. Lazy?

    1. Randy, I don't know. I think a lot of my neighbors disapprove of my messy looking yard and garden. Some have made odd comments. I understand not planting a garden when one is tired, overworked, too busy, and don't know what to do. For many people it is too much work. For me it is puttering meditation, solace, and a treat.

      I may need to scale back. The neighborhood pressure for me to have a neater yard, is making me avoid people. The drive to conform to some artificial standard is not good.