Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sweet Treat Pluerry, First Fruit. 7.24.16

 This is the one fruit from Sweet Treat Pluerry this year.  It's OK, given this is only the second year of growth. 

I may have harvested a little early.  I did not want birds to steal the only fruit.

The flavor was sweet, with a fruit punch flavor.  Not exactly plum, not exactly cherry.  Nice refreshing flavor.

It's too early to recommend the tree.  The leaves have a leaf-curl-like disease, so it's pretty ugly.  I don't know if that will affect bearing.


  1. Have never seen this Pluerry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's a Zaiger hybrid form California. Marketed by Dave Wilson Nurseries. I bought from Raintree. Not proven in most places, including this one, but the flavor is nice.

  3. These are freaking delicious bro. You need a burgundy plum near to pollinate, but other than that the tree produces relatively large harvest for the first two for me..

    1. Shaun, thanks for the input!
      This year it set a lot more fruit, a couple dozen. Which is pretty good for a young tree. I don't have the Burgundy plum, but I do have to red-leaf plums. One is an ornamental, "Crimson Pointe" which blooms earliest, and the other is "Hollywood" which overlaps more with Sweet Treat. I cut blooming stems from both and placed them in the Sweet Treat tree for pollination, and that seemed to work very nicely. If I had to bet, I think either would work, but most likely it was the "Hollywood" plum.