Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Unknown Summer Apple. 7.13.16

Unkown Stripy Neighborhood Apple.  7.13.16

Stripy Apple.  7.13.16
 I ran across this apple tree while walking the dogs in my neighborhood.  It looks like a neglected tree.  Even so, it's covered with apples.  There were lots of apples on the street, most were smashed.  I picked one up from the street, washed it off, cut and tasted.  Sweet/sour with floral notes.

If I think if it this winter, I'll knock on the door and ask for some scion.  Doesn't look like they would mind.
Stripy Apple Tree.  7.13.16


  1. That apple looks like Gravenstein, I got one that I planted 7 yrs ago and the tree is so carefree, and loaded with fruit. It's a great baking apple. Its on the tart side.

    1. I saw that Fedco offered Gravenstein scion last year. If they have it this winter, maybe I will try some from them.