Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Persimmon and Pawpaw Progress Report. 5.19.15

Flower Buds on Nikita's Gift Persimmon.  5.19.15

Last Remaining Flower on Sunflower Pawpaw.  5.19.15
All but one of the pawpaw flowers fell  off.  The one that remains is on Sunflower.  It takes a close look to see the developing ovary.  I don't know.  It might give a couple of pawpaws.  This one flower is the last chance for this year.

Saijo Persimmon had some flower buds but they fell off without opening.  Nikita's gift started growth much later, compared to Saijo, the growth is much thicker and stronger, and there are a few flower buds.  The tree is only about 3 feet tall.

Yates American Persimmon is also growing strong, and has some flower buds.  This is first leaf for that one.


  1. This have been a very strange yr for fruits trees. Not enough chill hrs or something but my cherry and apple trees haven't start leaving out yet. Only the grafted part have leaves so keep your fingers cross. I was just looking at chill hrs.

  2. I hope your other trees take off and grow better. Until they turn brown and dry, there is always a chance.

  3. I've look into your chill hrs chart and what the tree needs. Its the end of June a lot of cherry tree both sweet and flowering have not come out of dormancy. The peach at the community garden lost all its fruit. My own sweet cherry looks dead but everytime I scratch the bark, I see its still alive but without leaves. Very bad season for stone fruits.