Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Growing Degree Days, Battleground WA

This information is from Western Regional Climate Center.

Trinity SE Sweetcorn need 1,190 heat units  Based on the info below, if I understand correctly, adding to May (now) 559 growing degree days, +1,190 = 1759 which occurs in August.  But I don't know that I understand this table correctly.

Pawpaws require 150 frost free days and 2200 growing degree days, which I am thinking we get here in Sept or Oct. Might be OK.

Station:(450482) BATTLE GROUND
From Year=1928 To Year=2012
Growing Degree Days for Selected Base Temperature (F)
40 M6296168275456584747756607375153694348
40 S62159326602105716412388314437514126427943484348
45 M16276314230243459260145722659182938
45 S16431062495519851577217826352861292029382938
50 M2416571652854374463081051321840
50 S262278243528965141117191824183718401840
55 M002177215028429217133101023
55 S00219912415258179881021102310231023
60 M0003266214815271600468
60 S00032991239391462468468468468
Corn Growing Degree Days
50 M16448815325833445646537321561162479
50 S16601483005598921349181421872402246324792479

I bolded the bottom line.   That seems the most relevant.

Interpretation of the table:
"M = Monthly Data
S - Running sum of monthly data. 

Growing Degree Day units =  (Daily Ave. Temp. - Base Temp.) 

One unit is accumulated for each degree Fahrenheit the average temperature is above the base temperature. Negative numbers are discarded. 

Example: If the days high temperature was 95 and the low temperature was 51, the base 60 heating degree day units is ((95 + 51) / 2) - 60 = 13. This is done for each day of the month and summed.

Corn Growing Degree Day units have the limitations that the maximum daily temperatures greater than 86 F are set to 86 F and minimums less than 50 F are set to 50 F. "


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